One-to-One Trainings

It is a pastry training program that will be specially prepared for you by identifying your personal needs.

- Customized : The content of the cake course is determined according to your needs

- Online / Workshop : The advantage of choosing your Pastry Training program as applied workshop training or live broadcast online

- Date : Customized date option

- Level : Basic or Advanced Pastry Training

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Educational content

In order to determine the boutique pastry training you need, we recommend that you first examine the Workshop and Online Trainings. We can plan all our trainings according to the concept you want to work with and create the content of the training. You can take a combination of several pastry courses or join us
If you share the pastry techniques you want to learn, we can create your personal training program. Please contact us.

What You Need to Know

In our one-to-one pastry training programs, you can learn many products and decoration techniques in the field of Boutique Pastry and French Patisserie. Before starting to design a product or a cake, we give you all the secrets of the Pastry world while the content changes in our training programs, which cover fine details such as how we work the production plan and design, flavor-color harmonies and more.

Fee and Duration

For one-to-one trainings, the fee and duration may vary depending on the content of the training you have decided on. Please contact us by completing the Registration Form.