Online Cake Types and Buttercream Techniques Course

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Welcome to our course, the first and only in Turkey, which includes cake varieties created with special recipes from Mine Keskin, different flavored fillings and different decoration techniques that you can use for each cake!

Educational content

  • In the 2-day course program, preliminary preparation and cooking will be done on the first day, on the second day assembly and folding/decorating phases will be completed.
  • In the course, 7 different cake recipes will be shared with you. (5 different cake recipes are explained with one-to-one application.)
  • At the same time, you will be taught how to create your cake recipes with 2 different techniques, based on your own imagination with original ingredients.
  • 5 different filling flavors that you can match with the cakes you bake will be applied and the basic technique of how you can create fillings with different flavors will be taught.
  • In the course, a different of cake and filling will be used for each cake layer.
  • Layered cake techniques and carrier installation will be explained in practice.
  • A very delicious buttercream special recipe from Mine Keskin will be practiced on the outer coating of the cake.
  • The tricks of working with buttercream and a different application on each layer such as plastering/coloring/texturing will be explained.
  • The visual design of the cakes will be completed with different decoration techniques such as using metallic (Gold, silver, pearl etc.) painting/working with fresh flowers/applying stencil/applying marble effect/covering with edible paper.
  • Course period: 2 days of recorded video of live broadcast.

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  1. Ayse

    Merhaba, profesyonel pastacilikta puf noktalar cok onemli ve bu egitimde bunlari bulabilecegimi dusunuyorum. Emeginize saglik..

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  • Cake Types and Buttercream Techniques Training is a program that has a flavor-oriented content and teaches you the basic techniques with which you can create your own cake recipes and filling types.
  • After the training you have attended, you will have no limit in terms of diversifying cake recipes or filling cream in the pastry field, and you will be able to create delicious recipes.
  • Cake Types and Buttercream Techniques Training is suitable for participants of all levels.
  • The training has been prepared assuming you know nothing.
  • It is a program that progresses through the online registered education system and you have unlimited access to the education records.
  • To participate in the course, you must have a Facebook account.
  • Required materials list with photos and recipes related to the training you have attended are available in the Facebook group.
  • If you wish, you can buy some ingredients from our website by going to the "cake ingredients" tab.
  • All of your questions you want to ask during the training, you can send us instantly on our Whatsapp line, they will be answered in detail during working hours. 0531 458 98 28
  • You have a 3-month free consultancy service related to the training you have purchased, and the duration is; The training starts the day you purchase it.
  • At the end of the training, Mine Keskin Academy signed certificates of the participants who share with us the photos of the products made correctly by adhering to the techniques will be sent as a digital certificate and can be prepared in Turkish or English depending on your preference. (Don't forget to specify your preferred language.)

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In the Academy section, I continue to plan trainings that add value to the pastry industry in Turkey by hosting the world's most famous pastry trainers and giving workshops.

We continue on our way together with a renewed and developing education system, combining architecture and pastry, and conveying current world trends to you!

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