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From the cake workshop
to the academy,
ours is a story in pastry.

We've started off to create designs that will make everyone happy by combining creativity with minimal touches.

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Our trainings are suitable for anyone who is new to boutique pastry and wants to improve themselves in this field.


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on your special days .

You can choose the most suitable cakes for your special days from our design cakes with different concepts or you can share your ideas with us to make your dream cake.


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About Mine Keskin Academy

We wanted to talk a little bit about how our pastry course programs are progressing and what are the benefits of them. At the same time, we wanted to answer the most common questions.

Can I turn this hobby into a profession after the training I received from you?

Of course, why not, if the profession you will be happy for yourself and your future is PASTRY, you can be sure that we will always be with you. All of our pastry course programs you attend have professional contents and guidance that prepares you for this profession.

Within the scope of your most basic needs, we provide you with all kinds of support you may need, such as all technical information - recipes - equipment supply - material alternatives - quality differences and evaluations of domestic and foreign brands, during and after the training in our consultancy process. We will always support you with the most accurate information in all the professional steps you need to take on this path.

I started as a hobby and turned this process into a profession with my own opportunities, but I want to bring the products I make to a higher level. Which pastry course is right for me?

At this stage, we prefer to communicate one-to-one with you. It is always more successful to manage the process by talking to you and getting more information about your level, your goals, how you want to move forward. If possible, we would like you to share your products with us and we can more easily analyze the details that you need to improve with training and we can guide you in the right direction.

Depending on your level and your needs, perhaps one of our Workshop Group Trainings will be very suitable for you, or perhaps one of our Online Training Programs will provide you time and space advantages both. We can decide all these details by discussing them together.

Should I have group training or one-to-one training? How can I decide?

First, you need to decide what kind of training you would like to receive from us. You should review our Group Training Programs on our Trainings page and decide which content is more suitable for your needs.

Our group trainings appeal to different levels depending on the training program you attend. You can decide if it is suitable for your level by reading the Training Content and What You Need to Know sections. If there is something you want to be sure about before buying, you can easily get support from us.

Our group trainings are training programs with different training contents throughout the year, addressing different participants at all levels and forming certain basic contents, the date of each training is determined by us and the participant purchases the training if this date is suitable for him/her.

However, except the training alternatives we have shared with you, you may want to work on special techniques and different designs and you may want to set the date yourself for your special reasons. Then you can take advantage of our one-on-one private training program service that we have created for you. We make the process and the training content as one-to-one training, according to your needs and level. We set the date together, so we can prioritize a date that you can easily attend.

Will your online pastry course programs be enough for me?

It will definitely be. Our Online Pastry Trainings are planned to the finest details, just like our practical trainings in the workshop and recorded in the system with professional image quality. Because you have unlimited access to the footage, you are able to go back and watch every detail you want to check again. With the easy online training area we offer you, you can access training videos and documents immediately, just by logging in, without downloading or saving them to your computer!

All equipments used in the training content are in the system for you, both visually and listed document. Lists of used ingredients and recipes are saved as documents that you can print out. You can easily print from any printer you want and use it by filing it.

In the training video records, each stage is first explained technically, followed by a demonstration of the practical construction phase. Every detail is explained in by our Trainer Mine Keskin. We offer free consultancy service for 3 months regarding the Online Training you have attended. In this way, you can share every detail you have in mind with us and get live support from us personally. We do not make you feel alone in Online Trainings and we are just a call away at every stage.

Where do you give your trainings and when do they start and end?

We provide our Practical Workshop Group or One-on-One Trainings in our academy located in Bornova, İzmir. Depending on the training you choose, the number of training days may vary (the number of days is indicated in the training content). All our trainings start at 10:30 in the morning, unless there is a special change, and continue all day depending on the training content you attend. We complete the process of the product that we have shared with you visually in the beginning of the training and if you have any questions, we answer them, and then we finish the training process of that day. Depending on the training you have attended, your check-out time may vary between at 17:30 - 20:00.

Can I participate in your trainings for hobby purposes? Can I make funny cakes at home for my family and loved ones?

Of course, you can join! All of our basic level training programs are suitable for you. We recommend that you check the training contents and visuals, then you can choose which products you will enjoy making most. Then sign up for the training and immerse yourself in the colorful world of funny pastry making 🙂 We claim that no hobby has ever been so delicious!

Are your pastry course programs suitable for all levels?

We have more than one training alternative. Some of our contents are basic, prepared by assuming the participant knows nothing and some are advanced. For this reason, you can benefit from different course programs that you can attend, starting from the most basic training program to Intermediate - Advanced Level.